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First Post... Again.

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Well, yet another attempt to start something, that hopefully, I'll continue on. I've been hoping to get this done long before now, but life in general keeps throwing up roadblocks. Between work, 3 kids, a wife, 2 cats, and a dog there just isn't much time for anything else lately. Keep watch here though. I am going to be adding much more content devoted to all of that, though primarily it will pertain to tips/hints about work.

I am a network engineer and a Unix administrator by trade. What little bit of free time I do get occasionally, I spend playing game. Currently I am back to playing the online browswer based Kings of Chaos as a member of AL2's Chaos alliance. Coming soon though will be a lot of work related tips/tricks/hints and projects I have worked on, scrubbed for secruity purposes though, which might be of use to others.